Starter Videos

Everything you need to know about trading Hurst Cycles.

David Hickson, creator of Sentient Trader, has recorded a series of four Starter Videos to help you understand how Hurst Cycles influence the financial markets and how you can profit by trading Hurst Cycles.

Watch these Starter Videos and you will :

  • Learn how financial markets are moved by Hurst Cycles
  • Learn how to use Hurst Cycles to predict future Peaks and Troughs in the markets. Just knowing where they will occur helps you make better trading decisions
  • Learn how to use Hurst’s Trading Tools to make better Trade Entries and Trade Exits. Better timing means bigger profits
  • Learn about the FLD Trading Strategy. It’s a trading plan that uses Hurst’s FLD Trading Tool and gives traders more consistent and reliable profits.

Watch our Starter Videos and learn all about Hurst Cycles.

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