Stock Market Predictions

Reliable Predictions & Timing Of Stock Market Movements Mean Bigger Trading Profits

Stock Market Predictions and Timing rely on an analysis of the cyclical nature of the Stock Markets. Stock Markets and all financial markets (Stocks, Forex, Indices, Futures, Commodities, Options, ETFs, etc.) are influenced by JM Hurst Market Cycles. Price movement is a summation of Hurst’s Market Cycles as well as some underlying fundamental market trend. This the basis of Hurst’s Market Cycles Principles.

Analysis of Hurst Cycles in the Stock Market and a knowledge of how those Cycles influence Stock Market Movement, leads to prediction of Stock Market Timing, for Trade Entries and Trade Exits.

Prediction and Trade Timing on the Stock Market

One of Hurst’s most important Trading Tools is the Future Line of Demarcation (FLD). The crossing of price and FLD is a simple, yet powerful trading timing signal which is used by traders to accurately predict stock market movement and to time their Trade Entries and Trade Exits. Using the interaction of price and FLD, traders are able to make Stock Market Predictions.

David Hickson, the creator of Sentient Trader, has formalized a trading methodology based on the interaction of price and Hurst’s FLD. This FLD Trading Strategy is a trading plan based on Hurst’s Market Cycle Principles. The FLD Trading Strategy is used by traders to make Stock Market Predictions and generates consistent and reliable Trading Profits for traders.

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Sentient Trader – Stock Market Movement Prediction Software

Sentient Trader software is based on Hurst’s Market Cycles Principles. It is the first and only software that emulates the advanced pattern recognition techniques taught by JM Hurst in the 1970s.

Sentient Trader Analyzes, Predict Cycles and generates Trade Entry and Exit Signals for Any Cycle, in Any Market, including the Stock Market.

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