The Sentient Trader Support Service is available to all current Annual Support Service subscribers.

Our commitment to you is to:

  • Respond to all support requests registered through the Support Service.  We aim to respond within 12 Normal Working Hours (Central European Time).
  • Make regular application updates available for download, e.g. inclusion of new market data feeds and trading platforms, addition of new application features, software patches, etc

The Annual Support Service gives you:

  • Support Service
  • Software updates as they are released (e.g. integration with 3rd party systems)
  • Knowledgebase for self-help
  • Full access to the Working With Sentient Trader training course
  • Access to Commonality Database, which includes the outcome of 100,000s of analyses by other Sentient Trader users refines your Cyclic Analysis.

Please tell us your suggestions to improve Sentient Trader and will aim to include them in future releases of the software.

We will work tirelessly to build a community of successful and profitable Sentient Traders.