FLD Trading Strategy Videos

All About the FLD Trading Strategy – How It Works and How to Trade It

These four videos by David Hickson, creator of Sentient Trader, tell you everything you need to know about the FLD Trading Strategy. By the end of them, you will know when to make your Trade Entries, when to Exit and how to Manage your Trades.

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Video One – Introducing the FLD Trading Strategy

David Hickson explains how to trade the 20 Day Hurst Cycle using the FLD Trading Strategy. After watching this Intro Video, you will understand :-

  • How the FLD Trading Strategy works
  • How buy and sell signals are generated
  • How trades are entered and exited.

This Intro Video will give you a really good overview of the whole FLD Trading Strategy. Plus there is a Bonus PDF to download with even more in-depth information about the strategy.

Intro Video FLD Trading Strategy


Video Two – Getting the Timing Right for Trade Entries

This video is a personal introduction to the FLD Trading Strategy by David Hickson, creator of Sentient Trader. This is an in-depth video about Trade Entries where you will :-

  • Learn how Trade Entries are made using the FLD Trading Strategy
  • See examples of trading the NASDAQ
  • See the kind of Trading Results you can achieve using the FLD Trading Strategy.

Trade Entries FLD Trading Strategy


Video Three – Trade Exits – When Profits are Made

This next video by David Hickson is all about Trade Exits. This is when your profits are made. By the end of the video you will know that :-

  • The same sequence of Trade Entries (from A through to H) plays out time-and-time again
  • There are three Trade Exits for every opportunity.

By now, you will have learnt enough about the strategy to begin trading it and some traders actually do get started at this stage. But don’t start yet, there’s even more valuable information to come!

Trade Exits FLD Trading Strategy


Video Four – Putting It All Together – Your Financial Freedom

In this final video about the FLD Trading Strategy, watch and listen to David Hickson “Putting It All Together”. You will:-

  • Hear some thoughts about personalizing your own trading plan
  • Watch a “walk through” of a Lottery Trade and then…
  • Watch a Risk Reduction Trade.

By the end of this video you will have an in-depth understanding of the FLD Trading Strategy  – How it Works and How to Trade It.

Putting It All Together FLD Trading Strategy


The FLD Trading Strategy is a breakthrough development of JM Hurst’s original work on the cycles in financial markets. Using the FLD Trading Strategy, you can trade Stocks, Forex Pairs, Futures, Commodities, Options, ETFs, etc.

Trading with the Strategy, you can expect to trade more profitably and more consistently than using Hurst’s original methodology as well as many other trading methods.

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