Golden Rules

10 Golden Rules To Make Bigger Profits Trading Hurst Cycles

Remembering these simple Golden Rules you will help you become a more successful and profitable trader of JM Hurst’s Market Cycles.

Golden Rules for Trading with Sentient Trader

  1. Always start with the Big Picture and look at the longest Cycles first.
  2. Hurst’s Cycles Troughs (not Peaks) are always Synchronized.
  3. Always trade with the Underlying Trend of the Longer Cycles.
  4. Don’t take Trades with overlapping Market Turning Points.
  5. The more Longer Cycles that are Synchronized with a Trough of your Trading Cycle, the more Powerful will be the price move out of it.
  6. Only take Trades with Profit:Risk ratio greater than 2:1, only take Trades with a Profit Potential greater than 20% and never take the most Aggressive Trade Entry, especially when starting out.
  7. Use the confirmation of Shorter Cycles as evidence that a Trough of your Trading Cycle has occurred.
  8. When the Trough of your Trading Cycle is Overdue and other Cycles are Overdue as well, the more assured your success.
  9. Always watch your Trades and using Hurst’s Cyclic Tools, adjust your Exit Levels after every bar.
  10. When Very Long Cycles, e.g. 20 Weeks, 40 Weeks, 18 Months, etc. are forming a Synchronized Trough, Shorter Cycles become more difficult to trade.

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