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Forex Signals For Bigger Profits Using Hurst Market Cycles

In the 1970’s an American engineer called JM Hurst published a theory about why financial markets move in the way they do. It became known as Hurst’s Cyclic Theory.  Today, many traders “in the know” use Hurst Cycles as the basis of their Forex Trading Signals and use Hurst Cycles for technical analysis and to make trading decisions on all markets, e.g. Forex, Futures, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, ETFs, etc.

Hurst Cycles Technical Analysis and Trading is especially effective for trading well-traded, liquid markets. The forex buy sell signals produced by the Hurst Signals Service for Forex Markets, are a perfect example of this.

About Hurst Trading Signals

Hurst Signals is an online, web service that publishes Hurst Trading Signals. Traders self-select their Portfolio of Instruments for Hurst Signals from a range of popular markets including: Forex, Index Futures and Commodities.

The Hurst Signals Service was launched in January 2014, because since the release of Sentient Trader in 2010, many traders have told us they really want the benefit of Forex Trading Signals based on Hurst Cycles, but without the need to install our Sentient Trader software, maintain a market data feed and learn all about Hurst Cycles Technical Analysis and Trading.

The FLD Trading Strategy – A Development of Hurst’s Original Theory

Hurst Signals are based on the FLD Trading Strategy and are generated by our Sentient Trader software. The FLD Trading Strategy is a further development of JM Hurst’s original theory and is the work of David Hickson, the creator of Sentient Trader and the Hurst Signals Service. The strategy is a Trading Plan that generates consistent and solid trading results. Click here to see Trading Results for FLD Trading Strategy.

FYI, the FLD, or Future Line of Demarcation, is one of JM Hurst’s most powerful Technical Analysis and Trading Tools.

Forex buy sell signals from the Hurst Signals Service take away all the complexity of using Sentient Trader. Forex Signals, as well as Hurst Technical Analysis and Cycle Predictions are all displayed in online charts, along with a Daily Email listing Trading Signals.

Hurst Signals makes trading Forex so much easier with its Forex Trading Signals. The service includes a free Hurst Signals Training course, an FLD Trading Strategy Training Course and access to the Hurst Trading Room.

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