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Everything You Need In Three Online Charts & Daily Email

Hurst Signals is an online web service that gives you daily buy/sell Trading Signals based on the FLD Trading Strategy. The service covers popular markets around the world, including forex, index futures and commodities.

For every instrument in your Hurst Signals portfolio, you can view three charts (see examples below).

1) Overview Chart – shows the Hurst Cyclic Analysis for the past 18 + months – it’s the “big picture”

2) Three Month View – shows the 20 Day FLD, the last full 80 Day Cycle as well as the current 80 Day Cycle along with each price / FLD interaction fully labelled. The Three Month View displays specific buy/sell trading signals for the upcoming FLD Trading opportunity.

3) Six Week View – shows the 10 Day FLD and 20 Day FLD. It shows a more refined view of the market along with trading instructions for the upcoming FLD Trading opportunity. You would use this chart if you planned to enter a trade on the 10 Day rather than 20 Day FLD.

4) Daily Trading Email – As well as being able to view the charts for your portfolio, you will receive a daily trading opportunities email, setting out all trading levels, i.e. buy/sell trading signals for the current and upcoming trade.

These are typical Hurst Signals charts for the NASDAQ….

NASDAQ Overview - Hurst Signals

NASDAQ 3 Month View - Hurst Signals

NASDAQ 6 Week View - Hurst Signals


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