Hurst Cycles Trading and Analysis


An Attractive Valid Trend Line - 19 January 2013

by David Hickson
Hurst defined two cyclic tools: the FLD (Future Line of Demarcation) and the VTL (Valid Trend Line). The FLD is in my opinion the more reliable of the...

Hurst Trading Room - Video Summary 14 January 2013

by Paul Johnson
Watch David Hickson's Trading Summary Video for 14 January 2013, but first we have a favor to ask ... Please help us with a short survey - http://...

SPX Hurst Cycles

by SilentOne
In my first post here in Dec. ( CSCO Long Term Hurst Cycles) I suggested that the 18 month and 4.5 year cycle low may have arrived mid-Nov. for CSCO a...

The Persistent Bull - 12 January 2013

by David Hickson
For the past few weeks I have been presenting two possible analyses for the US markets. The difference between them is simple, but crucial: was the tr...

Hurst Trading Room - Video Update 10 January 2013

by Paul Johnson
David Hickson writes today..... On Monday (7 January 2013) the cyclic picture in the Euro/US Dollar forex pair seemed unclear. A bit of further thou...

Hurst Trading Room Video - 7 January 2013

by Paul Johnson
Here is David Hickson’s Trading Summary Video for Monday 7 January 2013. It is first published in the Hurst Trading Room at the Hurst Cycles Trading...

New Year Bounce - 5 January 2013

by David Hickson
The two weeks encompassing Christmas and New Year are difficult times to trade. It is one of the fundamental concepts of Hurst's Cyclic Theory that cy...

Precious Metals Long Term Cycles

by SilentOne
As a follow up to the USD Index analysis, a look at the precious metals group is warranted. I wanted to see if I could fit an appropriate outlook for ...

USD Index Long Term Cycles

by SilentOne
I had suggested in a web posting this summer that the USD index was entering a bearish phase. Let's look at the current Hurst phasing and what has hap...

Christmas Spirit - 22 December 2012

by David Hickson
My "nearly-four" year old son has been looking forward to Christmas since about this time last year. When it snowed here two weeks ago he told me conf...