Hurst Cycles Trading and Analysis


Hurst Trading Room Summary - 17 December 2012

by Paul Johnson
This is David Hickson's Trading Summary Video for Monday 17 December. It is published in the Trading Room at the Hurst Cycles Trading Academy and give...

The Peak Watch - 15 December 2012

by David Hickson
As the US markets and Euro bounced up this week I started preparing for the peak of the current 40-day cycle to form. The identification of peaks is n...

The Mid-Channel Pause - 8 December 2012

by David Hickson
The FLD Trading Strategy course which started in October has been going really well, with students leading "the challenge" (trading demo accounts for ...

CSCO Long Term Hurst Cycles

by David Hickson
I believe the $NDX bottom in November was an 18 month and 4.5 year Hurst cycle low. What bothers me of course is the very low volatility observed. How...

Fibonacci Time - 1 December 2012

by David Hickson
As this week the market continued to bounce out of the 20-week cycle trough which formed on 16 November 2012 I started asking what we can look forwar...

Giving Thanks - 24 November 2012

by David Hickson
Thanksgiving is a North American holiday, but as someone with many friends in North America I feel I can join in to some extent. The holiday has its ...

Early Peaks and Late Troughs - 17 November 2012

by David Hickson
Stock markets around the world have been falling for two months now. As a cyclic analyst when a market falls one looks ahead to the next event, which ...

and presidential elections - 10 November 2012

by David Hickson
next to of course acts of god American presidential elections provide fundamental triggers which will tip financial markets in the direction that the ...

Natural Disaster - 3 November 2012

by David Hickson
Hurricane Sandy overshadowed everything this week as it wreaked its destruction and the power of nature exerted itself over our relatively insignifica...

20 weeks - 27 October 2012

by David Hickson
There are times when there is so much to say about what is happening in the markets that I don't know where to start. This is not one of those times! ...