Hurst Cycles Trading and Analysis


Future Line of Demarcation - 20 October 2012

by David Hickson
We have been very busy this week making information about our FLD Trading Strategy available. If you enjoy analyzing markets according to Hurst's Cycl...

The Dominant Cycle - 13 October 2012

by David Hickson
The markets did just what was expected of them this week: they surrendered to the Bear. I spent the week fishing in the Sibillini mountains in Umbria ...

The M Shape - 6 October 2012

by David Hickson
Last week I banged on about the insignificance of the trough that has been forming in many of the markets that we follow. Today I would like to expand...

How much data should one analyze?

by David Hickson
In a comment to this week's Outlook post a Sentient Trader user asked two questions, the answers to which deserve their own post, hence this quick (an...

Ballad of an Insignificant Trough - 29 September 2012

by David Hickson
Last week I discussed the likelihood of the formation of a trough in the US markets, a pause as they resignedly join the world trend and turn downward...

The Euro - some interesting questions

by David Hickson
One of our readers posted some interesting questions about the Euro in the comments to Saturday's ST Outlook, and instead of cluttering up the comment...

Peaks versus Troughs - ST Outlook 22 September 2012

by David Hickson
We have some exciting developments in the pipeline at Sentient Trader, and as a part of that our weekly analysis of the markets has moved to a new loc...

The Week of the Mythical Bull: ST Outlook - 15 September 2012

by David Hickson
Last week I presented an argument for an approaching peak in the US markets, and I drew some parrallels with other markets around the world. I also di...

ST Outlook - 8 September 2012

by David Hickson
The US markets dipped a little lower this week, and formed a trough that seemed at first to be an insignificant trough for the 80-day cycle trough tha...

ST Outlook - 1 September 2012

by David Hickson
The US markets are in the process of forming a peak of nine-month magnitude and last week we identified the peak of Tuesday 21 August 2012 as a likely...