Hurst Cycles Trading and Analysis


ST Outlook - 16 June 2012

by David Hickson
Last week I pondered the possibility that the 40-week cycle turn that we have been expecting in many markets was formed in price on 4 June 2012. Of th...

ST Outlook - 9 June 2012

by David Hickson
We have been waiting patiently (or in some cases perhaps not-so-patiently) for the formation of 40-week magnitude troughs and peaks in various markets...

ST Outlook - 2 June 2012

by Paul Johnson
Last week I wrote that US markets would "try to cross above the 40-day cycle FLD, but given the bearish situation might not make it". On Tuesday marke...

ST Outlook - 26 May 2012

by Admin
Markets around the world are approaching turning points of 20-week (Euro/US Dollar) or 40-week magnitude. The actual turns are unlikely to be perfectl...

ST Outlook - 5 May 2012

by Admin
My three-year old son has been struggling this week with the fact that he would like to specify the "surprise" that he gets in his morning snack. I ha...

ST Outlook - 28 April 2012

by Admin
I mentioned last week that when the markets exhibit clear cyclic behaviour one should expect surprises, usually in terms of the amplitude and speed of...

ST Outlook - 21 April 2012

by Admin
Analyzing financial markets according to Hurst's cyclic principles is a constantly fascinating (and rewarding) process. There are times when the cycli...

ST Outlook - 14 April 2012

by Admin
There are times when the markets behave so perfectly (in cyclic terms) that one can be lulled into thinking that there will be no more surprises. At t...

ST Outlook - 7 April 2012

by Admin
It often seems to me that the financial markets have a wry sense of humor. That sense of humor reveals itself at times that we humans are taking a bre...

ST Outlook - 31 March 2012

by Admin
S&P 500 Last week we confirmed the peak of 19 March 2012 as a peak of the 20-day cycle and asked whether it might be a peak of the longer cycles a...