Hurst Cycles Trading and Analysis


Time to Turn - 24 April 2015

by David Hickson
Last week I discussed the implication of the 20-week VTL breach in the S&P 500: That we have seen the peak of the current 40-week cycle in the mar...

Breaching the 20-week VTL - 17 April 2015

by David Hickson
I recorded a Hurst Trading Room podcast this week about the fact that the S&P 500 has breached the 20-week VTL. (It was in fact a record-breaking ...

More On The Euro - 10 April 2015

by David Hickson
We have been discussing the Euro a great deal recently. I am expecting a long-term cycle trough to form, and I have mentioned in previous posts how...

The Next Peak - 6 March 2015

by David Hickson
In early February I suggested that the 20-week cycle trough had formed early, implying new highs in the S&P 500. We have seen new highs since then...

The Struggling Euro - 27 February 2015

by David Hickson
I have been watching the Euro (see also this post) for signs that the big magnitude trough that I am expecting to form has occurred. In September 2014...

Is This A Mid-Channel Pause? - 7 February 2015

by David Hickson
As any trough is approached in the markets I always like to stand by in anticipation of that trough, in case it happens early. Troughs occur early in ...

Markets And Manipulation - 23 January 2015

by David Hickson
I am often asked "In what markets do Hurst Cycles work best?" I have always answered that Hurst Cycles work equally well in any liquid, well-traded...

Bearish FLD Interactions - 16 January 2015

by David Hickson
Last week I pointed out some bearish signs in the stock markets, a well timed post as it turned out because the US markets fell all week (at least unt...

Deja vu? - 9 January 2015

by David Hickson
Cyclic analysts are familiar with the feeling of deja vu as the cycles repeat over and over again in the markets. Of course there is enough variation ...

A London Bear - 19 December 2014

by David Hickson
For the past three weeks I have been discussing the move down into the 80-day cycle trough in the Hurst Trading Room podcasts. On Monday I discussed ...