Hurst Cycles Trading and Analysis


ST Outlook - S&P 500

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The S&P 500 has been playing out exactly as forecast in last week's Sentient Trader Outlook. Price formed a peak of the 40-day cycle at 1229.50 on...

ST Outlook - Gold

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This is an exciting time to be watching GOLD because the (inverted) cycles are all lined up in anticipation of a 4 & 1/2 year PEAK. In early May ...

ST Outlook - EURO/USD

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Here is the current Sentient Trader Outlook for the EURO/US Dollar forex pair. Here is the long-term picture: The euro is falling toward an 18-month ...

ST Outlook - S&P 500

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Here is the current Sentient Trader Outlook for the S&P500 (data up to 30 August). The long term picture shows that price is expected to fall int...

Traders' Magazine "Software Review - Sentient Trader"

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There is a Software Review of the Sentient Trader - Hurst Trading System in the August 2011, English edition of Traders' Online Magazine. You can read...

Your Trading Edge (YTE) "A Trader's Story"

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Australian commodities and currencies trader Peter Smith is interviewed in the July/August 2011 APAC edition of Your Trading Edge. Peter has developed...

Gold Lacks Lustre

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JM Hurst devoted an entire section of his Hurst Cycles Course to a consideration of the price movement of GOLD. Market Cycles are evident in the price...

Time to love the dollar?

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One of the most fundamental of JM Hurst's Cyclic Principles, the Principle of Synchronicity states that troughs are synchronized (where possible) wher...

The case for a 40-week straddled trough

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In a forum post that I made on the 17th of February I agreed with Sentient Trader user Silent One that the US market (the S&P 500 to be exact) wou...

"Hurst's Cyclic Analysis" in Stocks & Commodities Mag

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An article entitled "Hurst's Cyclic Analysis" appears in the April 2011 edition of "Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities". The article gi...