Hurst Cycles Trading and Analysis


The 20-Week Cycle Trough - 20 June 2014

by David Hickson
For some time I have been expecting a 20-week cycle trough to form in "the middle of June" in the US markets. As the stock markets bounced up this wee...

The Traders World Online Expo

by David Hickson
When I first discovered Hurst Cycles it was difficult to find any information about them, or any others who were interested in trading markets using t...

A Longer Cycle View - 30 May 2014

by David Hickson
I am often asked whether the FLD trading strategy works with cycles other than the 20-day cycle, and I believe it does. In this post I would like to c...

Exceeding Expectations - 24 May 2014

by David Hickson
There is a guideline that filmmakers bear in mind to better entertain their audiences: "give the audience what they expect, but in an unexpected way"....

More Of A Good Trade - 16 May 2014

by David Hickson
Last week I wrote about a good trade in the EURUSD forex pair. The trade continued to play out this week and reached its original T2 target, which I c...

A Good Trade - 9 May 2014

by David Hickson
The US markets look as if they have started their move down to the June trough I wrote about last week, and as there doesn't seem to be much else to s...

20 Week Cycle Dominance - 2 May 2014

by David Hickson
It is one of the distinguishing features of the Hurst Cycles approach that a cycle doesn't disappear. It does suffer a constant variation to its wavel...

A Completed Cycle - 25 April 2014

by David Hickson
The 80-day cycle trough in the US markets came in about a week earlier than I have been anticipating in this blog, on 14 April 2014. As we start the n...

Waning Bullishness - 13 April 2014

by David Hickson
Five weeks ago I published a post which presented a simple method for calculating the "bullishness" of the market as expressed in the cycle shapes, an...

Looking Ahead - 4 April 2014

by David Hickson
Last week I discussed why it was time for a bounce in the US stock markets, and they obliged this week with a strong move up. The cyclic analyst must ...