Hurst Cycles Trading and Analysis

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Bitcoin again ... 19 January 2018

by David Hickson
In my previous post I wrote about Bitcoin, and presented an argument for the fact that Hurst cycles are active in the price fluctuations of this new c...

Bitcoin & Hurst Cycles - 15 December 2017

by David Hickson
Bitcoin mania is seizing the world, and as we approach the end of the first week of bitcoin futures trading on the CME, I thought it would be timely t...

The 80-day trough - 1 November 2017

by David Hickson
In our recent Hurst cycles webinar on 16 October 2017, I discussed the trading opportunity that was presenting itself in the S&P 500 for the marke...

The Perfect Mid-Channel Pause

by David Hickson
One of the results of the way in which cycles combine to influence financial markets is something Hurst called the "Mid-Channel Pause". The mid-cha...

The Big Bounce - 23 October 2015

by David Hickson
Before we look at the markets, have you joined us in the Hurst Trading Room live webinars? They are a lot of fun, and the feedback has been that they ...

A Cautionary Tale - 4 September 2015

by David Hickson
Before we discuss the markets, have you registered for our first LIVE Hurst Trading Room webinar? It is going to be on Monday 14 September 2015, at 2...

Moving on to the next cycle - 17 July 2015

by David Hickson
I am so accustomed to the cycle trader's approach of always looking ahead to the next event that I sometimes forget to "finish the story" and tie up t...

A July Trough? - 3 July 2015

by David Hickson
I wrote recently about the 40-week cycle trough that I am expecting to form soon. At that time I expected the trough to occur either early June 2015, ...

Beware The FLD Spike - 12 June 2015

by David Hickson
You are probably aware of the fact that I find the FLD (Future Line of Demarcation) a very useful tool. My research (which is a kinder word than obses...

When To Expect The 40-week Trough - 22 May 2015

by David Hickson
The US markets squeezed up to new highs over the past week, reminding me why I always treat the "confirmation of a peak" information provided by a VTL...