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Today I would like to do something a little different, and celebrate the Hurst community which is growing daily and has been the most rewarding aspect of putting Sentient Trader and Hurst Signals “out there”. I have even arranged special access for readers of this blog so that you can get involved in the conversation.

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Over the past few weeks I have been discussing the US markets, and considering the imminent move down into the 80-day cycle trough which is expected in early April. Price bounced up this week, and is pushing above the 20-day FLD as I write this, making the second option I presented in last week’s post seem the more likely.

There doesn’t seem much more to say about that, and so while considering a post about the forex market I was reminded of an exchange that took place on Hurst Chat – the “social side” of Hurst Signals. And I was struck by the awesome power that a community provides.

When I started analyzing and trading using Hurst’s cyclic principles it was a very lonely business. There were a few isolated analysts posting to forums with Hurst analyses, but it was difficult to find advice or corroboration of an analysis when considering making a trade.

Let me demonstrate how that has all changed, by sharing this story that played out in Hurst Chat. I have blurred out the names of the people involved to respect their privacy.

It all started a month ago when Hurst Signals was suggesting a long trade in the EURGBP forex pair.

The start of the conversation

This encouraged further discussion:

Thinking about entering

Entering any trade requires a good deal of consideration:

Other considerations

A few days later the entry into the trade was triggered. Some traders jumped in, and others waited. There was further debate:

Are you in or not?

The trade took a little while to pick up (I’ll show a chart in a moment), and so those standing on the side-lines were wondering whether they should jump in. Some good advice was offered:

Another chance

That turned out to be very sensible advice. Here is a chart of the EURGBP showing what happened:

The trade

I am in awe of our Hurst community and very grateful to all of you for getting involved. If you are not a Hurst Signals subscriber please do get involved in the conversation on this page.

I look forward to seeing you there, and wish you profitable trading!

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