Join the conversation on our new forum

Over the years I have tried many ways of getting Hurst cycles analysts, traders and enthusiasts to speak with each other, to exchange ideas, analyses and trading approaches.

Today I am delighted to inform you that this time it is working! We have a brand new forum (it is only two days old), and it is already buzzing.

Please head on over and join the conversation:

Or if all you want to do is read that is no problem! Here are some posts you might find interesting:
Trading with Hurst envelopes
S&P 40-week trough coming?
John “SilentOne” is here

I look forward to seeing you there!

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2 thoughts on “Join the conversation on our new forum

  1. Can ypu explian to me please how is tje math in page 37 _ 38 of stock ttansaccion og profit magic. I lost it , amd i want to study thanl you

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