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Our Most Popular Product  – EOD “Trader Edition”  

Sentient – EOD – “Trader Edition” is usually bought by private traders, retail traders, swing traders and private investors who typically spend an hour or two per day watching set-ups and making trades.

The software performs Cyclical Analysis, Predicts Market Cycles and gives you all of  Hurst’s Trading Tools to help you make winning trading decisions. As well as analysis and prediction capability, EOD – Trader Edition gives you EOD Trading Signals based on Hurst’s original trading methodology and also the FLD Trading Methodology. If you need accurate and profitable Trade Entries and Trade Exits based on Hurst’s Principles, then Trader Edition is the right choice for you.

Please note, if you are a professional trader, institutional trader, technical analyst, hedge fund manager, day trader or private trader who takes short-term, intraday trading positions or who wants to fine-tune their longer-term trade entries and exits, you will need our Intraday software. You can buy Intraday Node Licenses here and you can buy Intraday on Software Rental here.

Three Ways to Buy EOD – “Trader Edition”

You can buy Sentient Trader – EOD – “Trader Edition” in three different ways, depending on your budget and trading needs, i.e.

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Software Rental Prices*


1st Month’s Rental

2nd Month Onwards for 23 Months

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EOD – “Trader Edition” Rental $495 $89
EOD – “Trader Edition” Rental & FLD Trading Strategy training course $990 $89

Node License Purchase Prices



Annual Support Service (pa), 2nd Year Onwards

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EOD – “Trader Edition” Node License $1,725 $225
EOD – “Trader Edition” Node License & FLD Trading Strategy training course $2,200 $225

All prices are in US Dollars.

* Software Rental spreads the cost of your software over two years. After 24 months of rental you pay only an Annual Support Service, which is the same as Node License Purchase. You can cancel Software Rental at any time without any penalty. You can convert to Node License Purchase at any time to take advantage of the overall lower cost of a Node License and all Rental payments contribute to the Deferred Purchase Price.

FYI, the take-up between Software Rental and Node License purchase is about 50/50. Either way we’re happy, because we’re reaching a wider audience.

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