Software Rental

Spread The Price Of Your Software Over Two Years

Software Rental spreads the price of your software over two years. After 24 months of rental you pay only for the Annual Support Service, which is the same as Node License Purchase. You can cancel Software Rental at any time without any penalty. Also, you can convert to Node License Purchase at any time to take advantage of the overall lower cost of a Node License and all Rental payments contribute to the Deferred Purchase Price.

Benefits of Software Rental

  • Lowers your start-up cost for Sentient Trader software
  • Gives you the opportunity to put the software through its paces in an “extended trial” before making the full outlay
  • You have the flexibility to Upgrade between different Rental levels at any time
  • Existing standard Node License clients have the flexibility to Upgrade to a higher software version on Software Rental terms, rather than buying a Node License Upgrade
  • All of your Rental Payments are Credited towards buying your full Node License when you are ready
  • Alternatively, if you decide not to continue with Sentient Trader, you can simply “walk away” and there is nothing else to pay.

After two years of Software Rental, you can continue using Sentient Trader by subscribing for the Annual Support Service for your product.

 Software Rental Prices


1st Month’s Rental

2nd Month’s Rental and Onwards

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EOD – “Analyst Edition” Rental $245 $49
Intraday – “Analyst Edition” Rental $395 $79
EOD – “Trader Edition” Rental $495 $89
Intraday – “Trader Edition” Rental $795 $149

NB: all amounts shown are in US Dollars


Changing from Software Rental to Node License With Deferred Purchase

If you decide you want to change from Software Rental to make a Deferred Purchase of a Node License, to take advantage of the overall lower price, just tell us and we will calculate your Deferred Purchase Price. The calculation is very simple.

For each month (or partial month) that you have been Renting your software, we will add 2% to the Node License Price of the software version you are buying. From this, we will deduct all the Rental Payments you have made and arrive at the Deferred Purchase Price for your software. In other words:

Deferred Purchase Price* = (Node License Price) + (Node License Price * 2% * Months of Rental) – Rental Payments Made

* An Annual Support Service Charge will be added to the Deferred Purchase Price of your Node License, if you convert from Software Rental to Node License Purchase between months 13 and 24 of your Software Rental period.

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