Introduction Videos

This series of four Introduction Videos tell you everything you need to know about trading and profiting with Sentient Trader.

The first three videos (totalling viewing time 7 minutes) introduce Sentient Trader, show you its analysis and trading capability and demonstrate sending orders directly to connected brokers.

The fourth video (9 minutes) gives you an overview of JM Hurst’s Market Cycles Principles and will help you understand why trading Hurst’s Cycles can improve your trading success.

What Sentient Trader is all about Part One

This three minute video explains how Sentient Trader is different from other technical analysis software applications and provides basic information about what Sentient Trader does.

What Sentient Trader is all about Part Two

This two minute video demonstrates how analysis and trading events can be set up to be sent as alerts to a smart phone, email or to your desktop. You don’t have to sit in front of your computer while Sentient Trader analyzes the markets.

What Sentient Trader is all about Part Three

In this two minute introductory video I demonstrate how to place a trade order directly from a Sentient Trader chart using the Click-To-Trade feature.

Cycles in Financial Markets

This video introduces the fundamental concepts of JM Hurst’s Cycles in the financial markets


What Next?

Learn about the FLD Trading Strategy – a Trading Plan based on Hurst’s Cycles that reliable and consistent trading profits.

Or if you’re ready to get started, try Sentient Trader for yourself with 30 Day Trial Software.