Third Party Services

This page is for listing third party services you can use with Sentient Trader and which will improve your trading experience using our software. You must make your own checks before using these services and please contact the vendor about any support issues.



Use ChartOverlay to annotate Sentient Trader with your own comments for future reference / onward publishing. You can also use it to trace a price move and see the corresponding Fibonacci Levels.

“ChartOverlay provides you with a transparent (or translucent) window through which you can view a chart displayed by another program and upon which you can draw various studies that interest you.

Because neither the overlay nor the underlying chart program is aware of the other, you can use ChartOverlay anywhere. You can use ChartOverlay with end-of-day or real-time charting programs, web browsers, spreadsheets, PDF files, newsletters and the like.”

This is a Sentient Trader GBPUSD Chart, annotated with Trade Categories from A to H, using the FLD Trading Strategy. We recommend that you keep a copy of charts like this in your Trading Journal, rather than re-assigning Trade Categories every time you open a chart and it looks better than a chart you have printed out and marked-up by hand.

GBPUSD Chart Annotated with Trade Categories from FLD Trading Strategy

ChartOverlay is sold by Omnium Software and costs USD 79.95.  Here are links to ChartOverlay :-

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