Workshop Recordings

Online Workshops Recordings are designed to meet the training needs of every kind of Sentient Trader at all student levels. Whether you are an absolute beginner and eager to learn how you can succeed and profit with Sentient Trader software, or a seasoned user looking to enhance your knowledge, there is an Online Workshop option to suit you and to learn at your own pace. To maximize the effectiveness of the learning process, the workshops include personal exercises for students to complete before, during and after each workshop session.

The most recent Online Workshop series ran from November 2011 to April 2012. To give you the maximum flexibility to attend Online Workshops when it suits you and the opportunity to study at your own pace and convenience, you can subscribe to view Recordings of the Best Online Workshops. Learning with the Workshop Recordings you will :

  • See the Best of the Online Workshops
  • Work at your own pace and convenience
  • Reinforce the workshop content with personal student exercises
  • Return over and over again, to watch and learn
  • Use them as a long term reference resource as your Hurst trading skills develop.


… all should be proud to be setting the gold standard in trading education…..

…..the workshops were excellent and I achieved my objective in giving me a good start using Hurst’s Cyclic Theory and Sentient Trader…..

…..a great instruction opportunity with in-depth lessons and you have the chance to learn perhaps the best method to trade the markets to be on the consistently winning side……

…..the workshops are a must do for everybody; until now I have found them very, very useful…..

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Workshop Content

Each Online Workshop lasts for about 5 Hours. Typically an Online Workshop will include 4 tuition sessions of about 50 Minutes each. Some of the Workshops include personal exercises to complete before, during and after the Workshop.

Introduction Workshop One: Hurst Cyclic Analysis

  • Primer Video – Introduction to Workshop One Session One
  • Session One: Debunking the myths of how financial markets work
  • Session Two: Hurst’s Cyclic Theory Basic Concepts
  • Session Three: Phasing Analysis Basics
  • Session Four: Introducing Cyclic Tools & Phasing Analysis Completion

Introduction Workshop Two: Hurst Trading Methodology

  • Session One: Choosing a cycle and Looking ahead
  • Session Two: Using Cyclic Tools for trading
  • Session Three: Drilling through the fractal
  • Session Four: Monitoring & exiting from the trade

By the end of these two introductory workshops, you will understand the basics of JM Hurst’s Market Cycles Principles, be able to import market data into Sentient Trader, be able to perform a phasing analysis, understand Hurst Cyclic tools (FLDs, VTLs, etc) and Hurst’s Action and Trading Signals. There are no pre-requisites for these introductory workshops.

Intermediate Workshop Three: Sentient Trading Methodology

  • Session One: The Shapes of cycles
  • Session Two: The Character of the market revealed in statistics
  • Session Three: The Character of the market revealed in trading
  • Session Four: Creating Sentient Trading Matrices

Advanced Workshop Four : The EOD Process

  • Session One: The Nominal model and creating Custom Nominal Models
  • Session Two: Expert models & how to influence the analysis
  • Session Three: Individual instruments, building a stable of instruments & Scanning Watch-lists.
  • Session Four: The Portfolio Manager & understanding diversity

Advanced Workshop Five: The Intraday Process

These Workshops are structured as a series of contiguous sessions which will help to reinforce what you learnt during Advanced (EOD) Workshop Four as well as cover working Intraday with Sentient Trader. The content includes :-

  • Build an Intraday Workspace, inheritance, etc
  • Apply a Custom Nominal Model
  • Build an Expert Model.

After completing these Advanced Workshops, you will be fully conversant with all the functionality and capability of Sentient Trader and be able to truly maximize your profits through trading Hurst’s Market Cycles.

Before joining either of the Advanced Workshops, it is expected you will have attended the Introduction and Intermediate Workshops and assimilated all that you have learnt there. Alternatively, you should have a good working knowledge of the Sentient Trading Methodology gained through your experience of using Sentient Trader.

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These workshops were initially sold individually and they were charged at; Workshops One and Two were $500 in total, Workshop Three was $400 and Workshops Four and Five were $500 each. For all the workshops in the series, it would initially have cost you $1,900 to buy them all.

After your payment has been successfully processed, we will send you all the information you need to access your Online Workshop Recordings. This will be within 4 hours during normal office working hours in Central European Time. Please allow longer at weekends.

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