Workshop Testimonials

Here are some of the comments from our students after attending Online Workshops.

” The quality (of the Online Workshops) was outstanding and you all should be proud to be setting the gold standard in trading education. “



” Overall, I felt the workshops were excellent and achieved my objective in giving me a good start using Hurst’s Cyclic Theory and Sentient Trader. I thought David and the team did an excellent job, and I look forward to future utilization of Hurst’s Theory and software to help my investing and trading. “



” When I heard about the offering of the workshops, I thought, “Great, I’ll take the advanced workshops to learn more of the features that I wasn’t using to their fullest potential yet.” But when I saw the great deal put together for the first introductory workshops, I decided to take those as well, and am I ever glad that I did. 

The time spent with David Hickson explaining the basics of cycles, how they interact and also providing us with an Excel Spreadsheet to allow us to further model and learn about cycles has deepened my understanding of the cycles immensely.  This alone is worth the price of the workshop. 

From what I have learned and observed in the markets, there is no other thing that works as well as cycles, and there is no other software that models them as well as Sentient Trader.  Combine that with a great instruction opportunity with in-depth lessons and you have the chance to learn perhaps the best method to trade the markets to be on the consistently winning side. ” 

CB, Canada


” The workshop was absolutely terrific. I have had the Sentient Trader software since early this year but have not actually put it to good use yet, mainly because of my lack of, well, confidence probably. However this morning I feel quite differently about that and am really looking forward to the next workshops.  The “Intro Workshop Session” resonated perfectly with me. I have read a lot of Van Tharp’s books and courses which have all been a very great help.

Apart from the workshop can I just mention that the Sentient “Learning Zone Library” and “Trader Chat Webinar” recordings are superb. “

KP, Australia


” I did appreciate having other videos (the primer video) to look through before Workshop 1, which set the scene very well. I was already familiar with many of the concepts covered, however what I did value was your personal and explanatory comments and how they related to the software.

The different emphasis you would use in explaining many aspects of Hurst, e.g. with FLD’s and the excellent use of diagrams and the ability to draw on the screen was a superb aide. That is, I clearly learnt more and widened my knowledge of many aspects of Hurst through the presentation.

I am really pleased that the programmes are recorded and will replay them often. Not only were they revision and clarification, but gave me ideas for my own management and checklists that I will create for myself in the future. So for me the workshops were a revitalizing of my interest in Hurst, which gave me positive optimism for trading in the future. “

CB, Australia


” Thank you again to David (Hickson) for the workshops, even though I had covered a lot of the material through the Hurst Course I still got a lot from the workshops.

Your presentation material is excellent and I look forward to reviewing it all again. Overall I enjoyed it very much, and the time flew by.  Again, thank you for your time and energy you have put into this, it is very much appreciated. “

PS, Australia


” Sentient Trader and Hurst’s theory has changed my trading life. It is important to study cycles and to think about them a lot, in order to understand not only what the theory says but also what Sentient Trader does for you.

The workshops are a must do for everybody; until now I have found them very, very useful. Although I have studied all previous training materials I always learn something new or reinforce important concepts through watching the recordings. The online way of doing them is absolutely correct and suits David’s great way of teaching. So, I’m very happy and looking forward to the next ones! “

JAZ, Spain


” The workshops were very good. I enjoyed the setting, planning of the material, and speed of the presentation. David did a great job is sticking to the agenda and delivering the message at the right pace. This is a great improvement over previous recorded materials from the software beta programme days. I believe you guys have now figured this out and I’m really looking forward to watching the recordings again. “


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