Hurst Cycles Trading Academy

Teaching Traders to Achieve Financial Freedom

The Hurst Cycles Trading Academy is part of the Sentient Trader family of software and services.

The Academy provides training courses and membership portal services that teach traders how to achieve Financial Freedom trading Hurst’s Market Cycles.

Most of the Academy’s training material is in the form of training videos recorded personally by David Hickson, the creator of Sentient Trader. Each video has a Facebook-style Question / Comment feature, meaning that students can ask any question they like and also search around to see if anyone else has already asked the same question. This communal style of learning is very popular with students of the Academy.

These are the courses that are currently available through the Hurst Cycles Trading Academy :

  • Hurst Signals Training Course – to help you get started with Hurst Signals and to gain a really in-depth understanding of Hurst Cycles and the FLD Trading Strategy
  • Working With Sentient Trader – a six module training course that teaches traders everything they need to know about trading Hurst’s Cycles using Sentient Trader software. This course is Free of Charge to all Sentient Trader users with a valid Support Subscription in place.
  • The FLD Trading Strategy training course. This course teaches traders how to profit from Hurst’s Cycles using the FLD Trading Strategy. The FLD Trading Strategy is a breakthrough development of Hurst’s original trading methodology and leads to more reliable and consistent trading profits.
  • We’ll be adding more later.

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