Thank you again for all the effort you continue to put into the training material and helping people - it is incredible and very much appreciated!! The material you have produced over so many years has had an enormous impact on my trading journey."
PeterMelbourne, Australia - October 2017
Finally, I am so pleased with the ST software, [...] After working for many years in positions that severely limited my ability to trade for firm compliance reasons (that applied to all their professionals, and rightly so), I will finally be able to resume my trading! And ST, the FLD strategy, etc. will play an important part going forward (and am happy to report the initial trades I've done this year after getting up and running with the latest version of the software have been very successful). David's and the ST team's masterpiece just keeps getting better and better in its range of features!"
RMNew York, NY - September 2017
Not only has ST (and you through your webinars) helped me better quantify my qualitative assessment of where we are in the business/credit/market cycle but it has also greatly improved my personal trading. For that, I thank you."
CMChicago - July 2017
Firstly, let me congratulate you on producing not only such an innovative product but also for the way in which it has been rolled-out: absolutely, bloody brilliant. The videos, the ease of installation of the software, the support, the follow-ups: simply amazing. Well done."
CSNorth Yorkshire, England - October 2016
I can just give you my congratulations - your tool [Hurst Cycles for MT4] is nothing short of a revolution! If you put this tool in every traders box the markets will turn upside down as everybody will be winning and that just doesn't pan out as someone has to lose!"
VikingJihlava, Czech Republic - October 2016