Sentient Trader is not a unique software to present you trade opportunities as often as one would like, but it presents you with a very unique and spot on analysis, with very substantial information as evidence, that indeed what is happening in the markets is real !!!

No more imagining what might be happening, no more guessing or hoping, etc. Understanding Hurst Cycles theory is made incredibly easy by Sentient Trader software. Support and resources made available by the crowd behind it are second to none. I don't think this needs a testimonial or testimonials, in my humble opinion Sentient Trader is testimonial in itself. Well done David !!!"
Vito PasaWA, Australia, October 2012
I am amazed how Sentient Trader has captured the essence of Hurst Cycles. Combined with the short training videos, prompt support from the team and the weekly dose of Hurst Cycles Outlook - Sentient Trader is destined to be an important part of many traders' lives."
David BGrange, South Australia, October 2012
I must say that Sentient Trader has been a wonderful investment. The learning tools at the website have really allowed me to become a good trader. Mainly I must thank David Hickson and team."
KKOntario, Canada, October 2012
I was assuming that S&P500 was going to head lower and therefore went short progressively. In the last September 2012 weekly analysis (Hurst Cycles Outlook blog) David pointed out that a trough was getting formed in the shorter time frame. I made a decision to close my position with some small profit. After this the price shot up and I would have been in losses had I not acted on David's analysis."
JaySydney, Australia, October 2012
This is a first class way to get an introduction - and more if you wish so - from a true expert in this complex field."
Luc Van HofRijmenam, Belgium, October 2012