I have only recently purchased Sentient Trader. What I have noticed since following the blog (Hurst Cycles Outlook) is David's dedication to answering questions and making his product accessible and usable to the laymen. He is extremely thorough and provides useful information that doesn't require a degree in Hurstology to apply it."
JYAZ, USA, October 2012
Hurst Cycles gives me the confidence to trade in an unfamiliar environment and that's worth every penny spent."
HUEssex, UK, October 2012
Sentient Trader is the only software I know of that will give you a glimpse into the future of what any security will do by showing you it's hidden cycles. Their free webinars have shown what is needed to be successful in the markets, and are delivered so well, that you are always left wanting more instruction. David Hickson is a masterful teacher and conveys the complicated concepts down to simple principles that all can understand. I do not hesitate to say it is one of the best products and support services on the market today."
Chris BLondon, On., Canada, October 2012
While I was familiar with Hurst Cycles, having the Sentient Trader technology at my disposal has made a huge difference in my trading decisions. With this analysis, the trader has the opportunity to substantially reduce the risk on his or her trade. Continuous learning and analysis is the key to using Sentient Trader successfully. I am very impressed by the commitment shown by David and his team to educate and communicate regularly with the Sentient community."
Rajiv MalhotraAustin, TX USA, October 2012
Sentient Trader and David's classes have not only got me in profitable trades, they have kept me out of losing situations. As the Pilot's say, "I'd rather be on the ground wishing I was in the air, then be in the air wishing i was on the ground." Get this software right now! And don't look back! thanx David and the rest of the Sentient Team!"
Tom RBronx, NY, October 2012