I am really impressed with Hickson's work. Sentient Trader is the state of the art for cyclical analysis. The quality of training videos improves quickly the way in which the software gives profitable trading signals. Thank you David !!!"
Marco FortunaFinancial Analyst and Trader, Pachino (SR), Italy
The greatest thing about Hurst Technique presented in Sentient Trader is the "Big Picture" of the 6 yr cycle and its sub-cycles of 18 months all the way to 5 days. Its explanation of the "M" topping patterns and how cycles shorten and as the advance proceeds. This is invaluable to understanding Where You Are in the Economic Market Cycle."
MJSBocca Grande, Florida, October 2012
I've used Sentient Trader since the early Beta editions and it has transformed how I trade and replaced most of my other trading tools. The training materials and support available on the website are equally outstanding in terms of helping users understand both the software and Hurst theory in general.

Sentient Trader provides a road map and a cyclical context for every trade I take. This has improved my win percentage, but more importantly it allows me to know in objective terms, when I've taken a bad trade, so I can exit quickly and minimize my losses."
Brad KoniaLos Angeles, CA, October 2012
The Hurst method is detailed but well explained on the Sentient Trader website."
DMHRichmond Hill, Canada, October 2012
About Sentient Trader? Hush- Hush!"
CPIreland, October 2012