The weekly Hurst Cycles analysis blog is a must read to understand where we are in the cycles. It helps to determine where I am entering a position and where I can look to exit it. David Hickson has done a fantastic job."
Cory CVancouver, BC Canada, October 2012
I look forward to the Hurst Cycles Outlook blog  appearing in my inbox every week. It gives me that extra insight I'm looking for that helps me with my own trading decisions. SD, Canada"
SDCanada, October 2012
I must say that Sentient Trader has been a wonderful investment. The learning tools at the website and the trader chat webinars have really allowed me to come up to speed fairly quickly in using Sentient Trader. I really appreciate all that David and his team are doing. I only wish he could clone himself by about three. It would be exciting to see what he'd come up with if he had even more time. What he and the team have done thus far is fantastic and I really appreciate it."
Dave WChampaign County, Illinois, USA, July 2012
I recently purchased the Analysis Edition and will probably go on to buy the Trader Edition. After a week's practice I found the software easy to use. I cannot compare Sentient Trader with any other software as it is completely different. I use a Wyckoff volume analysis program and an Australian general charting package.

I have high expectations of using the Underlying Trend as this can be used to enhance my other methods. I think the price is reasonable considering the amount of work to produce this program. By the way, my one and only trade so far is showing 6% profit and is still open ( BOQ.ASX). That pays for the program."
Graeme KMelbourne, Australia, June 2012
Sentient Trader is a very useful tool to understand and master Hurst's cycle theory. David, his conceptor, made an awesome job in building Sentient Trader which is really useful in shortening dramatically the time necessary to generate by other means a cycle analysis following Hurst principles. This time spared by the software can be used to weigh and evaluate the alternate analysis with the best tool at hands : our brain as David usually said."
AVFrance, March 2012