The most advanced and user friendly software available for cycles analysis/trading. Both time saving and life changing. The educational support is excellent."
Cheryl RAdelaide, Australia, March 2012
One of the greatest values of the Analyst version of Sentient Trader is that it helps me better see the energetic variables taking place in the market.
Primarily, it allows me see what might be coming around the next bend in the market and about when I can anticipate a change happening. As such it helps to keep me out of trouble by not becoming agressive in my trades just before a significant cycle downturn. Likewise, it allows me to enter long trades with more confidence after coming out of a cycle bottom. And when the cycles are telling me a top is near, I use ST cycle analysis to tell me when to go long with some of the inverse ETFs by analyzing which ones of those are coming out of a significant cycle bottom.
Bottom line, I see it as a tool that increases my probability of success trading both sides of the market and one that helps me to be more disciplined in my trading overall."
Dave WIllinois, USA, March 2012
If you're serious about using cycles to support your trading efforts, Sentient Trader is a must-have!"
DKPToronto, Ontario, Canada, Oct 2010 & Mar 2012
I have said it before and will be glad to say it again. Sentient Trader delivers exactly what it says it will. It gives you an edge and I highly recommend it!"
JGUSA, March 2012
Sentient Trader is the ultimate solution for serious cycle-based traders and technicians. No other competing product even comes close."
Don PJacksonville, Florida, USA, March 2012