I use the EOD version of ST to trade stocks and sell calls & puts for income. In a few short months, ST has become my core analysis tool around which I use other analysis methods I have used for years, for confirmation.

Even with my limited experience with ST, I am amazed by the quantum increase in clarity in my trading plan. This is because ST gives you a peak at the future! It almost makes me feel guilty, like I  have rigged the game. ST may not be perfect, but it does show you how to cut your losses quickly."
Rajiv MalhotraAustin, TX, USA, March 2012
Using Sentient Trader is like having the perfect trading partner: someone who's always objective, never gets carried away, always lets you know just what it's thinking, and never gloats when it makes a recommendation showing that maybe it understands the market better than you do."
SDCanada, March 2012
I only wish I had found Sentient Trader three years ago when I first started.  It is now the bedrock of my trading program.  It has made all the difference."
Doug SRochester, NY, USA, March 2012
I found the software simple to use as a black box system but that is not the way it is meant to be used and certainly not the way I want to use it. The help text is excellent and the associated support videos good at explaining with examples. The software itself is very impressive and I am amazed at how it has been implemented to replicate Hurst’s methods so closely, while providing users the flexibility to impose their own interpretations of cyclic analysis."
BSAustralia, April 2012
I have been studying Hurst for a number of years and before I found out about Sentient Trader I was doing my analysis by hand.  What Sentient Trader has done is made my life a lot easier to trade as it is not as time consuming.

The system is a reliable system and if you follow all the rules to that system you can be profitable.  The system is very straight forward to use, the training is easy to understand and there was good support if I needed any extra advice.  The web page has an easy to understand forum.  Also the webinars are very helpful.

If anybody is getting into trading this is a program that will help you and save you time in your analysis.  I have had excellent results with Sentient Trader and I have tried a few systems that promise the world, but don't deliver.  This system, used correctly, does deliver."
Sam CAdelaide, South Australia, October 2011