I’ve been working with The Sentient Trader for about a year now.  I’ve looked at other computer programs and trading systems that use J.M. Hurst’s methods, but The Sentient Trader is the only one I have enough confidence in to want to trade with.

The Sentient Trader takes a lot of the work out of analyzing the markets using Hurst’s methods, but still leaves you in control of the trade. The supporting materials – webinars, online videos, and forums – are all excellent. The online support in particular is quick and courteous, and the few issues I’ve had have been dealt with promptly and well."
SDCanada, October, 2011
If I look back on my 22 years of trading, I can point to just a few instances where something played a significant role in my development as a trader. Incorporating Hurst's concepts was one such event. While there are several programs on the market which utilize some aspects of Hurst's theory, none come close in the breadth of robust tools that Sentient Trader gives you to apply his concepts. Whether you are a discretionary or a systems trader, if you use Hurst, Sentient Trader is in a class by itself."
SMUSA, November 2011
Hurst’s cycle theory was going to be 'lost' in ambiguity and secrecy 40 years after he first started writing about his ideas.  Thanks to Sentient Trader now we have a greater understanding and appreciation of such a reliable and profitable strategy."
AndrewWestern Australia, October 2011
For anyone who wants to learn about cycles or those who are familiar with JM Hurst's method, this is the program for you. It is probably one of the most powerful market analysis programs available to the public. I have been using Sentient Trader in my trading for over a year and it has helped me avoid disaster and given me advance warning of market turns."
Professional TraderCanada, November 2011
You have done it all.  Amazing.  I have never seen anybody integrate the complete body of knowledge of Hurst cycle theory in ONE piece of software. Superb. Top notch software nowhere else available, but now here!"
PWNetherlands, April 2011