I am still learning all of the ins and out of Sentient Trader, but have recovered my purchase price (bought EOD February 2011) in my first 2 months on 3 very small trial trades. I love it!"
Tom RitchieKansas, USA, May 2011
I have been trading now for close to 20 years and I have to say that Sentient Trader is one of the best programs I have ever seen.  While it is one dimensional in that it only deals with Hurst cycles, it does so in a way that I have never seen before.  The sheer amount of logic that has gone into it is incredible!  The bottom line is it delivers exactly what it claims to.  Best of luck with it!"
Joe GerbinoNew Jersey, USA, October 2011
I have been using Sentient Trader for several months now and have found it immensely useful.  It's easy to use and gives great results."
Rajinder JCoventry, UK, October 2010
For years, traders everywhere have been inspired by the work of NASA genius J.M. Hurst. However, the complexity of his work and the numerical calculations involved made applying his techniques virtually impossible.  Until now.  With Sentient Trader, David Hickson has supplied his own genius to automate Hurst's methods.

Incredibly, cyclic analysis is performed in mere seconds, complete with price forecast zones.  I am also delighted with the quality of the support.  Ongoing webinars, tutorials and forums continue the educational process.  In Sentient Trader, a dream has been realized.  I wouldn't trade without it"
JCProvidence, RI, USA, November 2010
Sentient Trader is a very comprehensive product just packed with features.  It seems to contain all of the ideas that Hurst put forward for achieving magic profits, and some useful extensions also.  It can trade in real time, always keeping track of existing orders and whether they have been filled or not, and working in depth or updating only according to how much processor time it has available.  I would recommend that anyone who is serious about trading should put Sentient Trader on their short list of products to be considered as their main trading tool."
Ray TomesCycles Research Institute, October, 2010