For years, traders everywhere have been inspired by the work of NASA genius J.M. Hurst. However, the complexity of his work and the numerical calculations involved made applying his techniques virtually impossible.  Until now.  With Sentient Trader, David Hickson has supplied his own genius to automate Hurst's methods.

Incredibly, cyclic analysis is performed in mere seconds, complete with price forecast zones.  I am also delighted with the quality of the support.  Ongoing webinars, tutorials and forums continue the educational process.  In Sentient Trader, a dream has been realized.  I wouldn't trade without it"
JCProvidence, RI, USA, November 2010
Sentient Trader is a very comprehensive product just packed with features.  It seems to contain all of the ideas that Hurst put forward for achieving magic profits, and some useful extensions also.  It can trade in real time, always keeping track of existing orders and whether they have been filled or not, and working in depth or updating only according to how much processor time it has available.  I would recommend that anyone who is serious about trading should put Sentient Trader on their short list of products to be considered as their main trading tool."
Ray TomesCycles Research Institute, October, 2010
When I read Jim Hurst's book "The Profit Magic Of Stock Transaction Timing" I was intrigued with the concept of cycles as a predictive method for stock market price and timing.  So much so, that I did the manual calculations to identify stock and ETF setups.  Although I was happy with the results, it took an excruciating amount of time to do just a handful of symbols.

Then I found Sentient Trader!  All the calculations I was doing manually, and more, are done in an instant using Sentient Trader and are displayed in an easy to use display.  I've been using Sentient Trader for about 6 months and am amazed at how easy it is to find setups and manage positions based on Hurst theory.  The training videos are excellent as is the Sentient Trader support.  I now use Sentient Trader exclusively to find setups and manage my positions.  If you are a Jim Hurst fan, you need to check out Sentient Trader.  If you are like me, you'll be glad you did!"
Ron FUSA, October 2010
I feel very lucky to have been part of the development of Sentient Trader.  I am also very happy to write a positive review of my use of the system.  I think that it is brilliant.  The education and support you provided was excellent and it is very important to have the knowledge of Sentient Trader education to be able use the program effectively.  I know your trading system software works very well and takes a lot of hard work out of the analysis of a manual Hurst Trading System."
CRAdelaide, South Australia, November 2010
I have followed and practised the J.M.Hurst method for the past 5 years. When applied properly, this method as taught by the Hurst course (Traders Press Inc.), can produce robust results for both your trading and investing.  I now use Sentient Trader for all my Hurst cycle work.

Sentient Trader serves as my primary investment / trading tool.  Aside from giving me really good results, it has saved me countless hours in developing models for the many markets that I follow.  The ability to conduct short and long term analysis on any market gives me the edge I need to outperform most investment professionals."
John OToronto, Canada, October 2010