If you ever want to find out how to really time the market based on the actual cycles that affect any individual stock, then the only program that will do it is Sentient Trader. It is able to do the work of finding all of the cycles present in a stock and tell you which are the most profitable to trade, and when to get in and out in order to secure profits.

As Gann used to say, “When price meets time, the stock will reverse”. Sentient Trader will do exactly that since it takes into account time, whereas all other programs are focusing only on price. Time is the real important variable. I was lucky enough to stumble onto this product and have been successfully using it trading options. On my first two option trades I made 4 times my initial investment, because I got the timing right – all because of the projections of Sentient Trader.

The software is very easy to use with great tutorials and best of all, it will incorporate data from numerous sites, for free (e.g. ASCII download from Yahoo Finance, etc). This alone presents a substantial saving to the beginner trader who has to save his precious capital and minimize expenses. They also provide a Forum to exchange ideas and help with instruction on how to use the software. Also provided are seminars on cycle theory normally only provided to investment portfolio managers, to give you the edge you need to be successful in the marketplace.

If you study the cycle theories of Joseph Schumpeter used by some of the famous market analysts such as Robin Griffiths with his 40 years of market experience, and wonder how they are able to forecast the markets so accurately, wonder no more. Start using Sentient Trader and see your trading success arrive at a new level. I won’t enter an investment without consulting the cycles outlined by Sentient Trader first."
Chris BLondon, Ontario, October 2010
Hurst enthusiasts,

I have been on the Sentient Trader project of David Hickson's since its beta testing start in June/July of 2009. I have thoroughly enjoyed David's willingness to listen to the user and make changes and improvements as they arrive. The speed of change was furious in the early days and now Sentient Trader has settled down into a very user friendly software package with many versatile features.

Along the way David has been demonstrating new features through the use of webinars. They have been more than informative, giving the user a great understanding of the power of Sentient Trader.

From the early days of inception, using Sentient Trader, I was able to time and trade the September 2009 40 week low in Wheat and more recently time the low of the June 2010 18mth (potential 36yr) low in Wheat. I have also used Sentient Trader for timing Coffee, Cotton and Sugar.

The speed at which Sentient Trader analyses a market is tremendous. I am able to go to a new market and within a very short time have it completely mapped out with cycles and trade setups. Normally taking a couple of days by hand.

I remember back in August/September 2009 there was talk of Copper breaking the 300 barrier. I quickly loaded the Copper data into Sentient Trader and noticed that it needed to complete a 40week low before moving any higher. Sure enough the news of breaking the 300 barrier faded away as copper retraced for 4-5weeks into the 40week low and then rocketed out to eventually make new highs and break 300. What Sentient Trader did here was extremely encouraging for any trader.

I would certainly encourage any Hurst enthusiast to take a look at Sentient Trader and see how it can help improve and speed up their analysis of the financial markets.
Yours sincerely,"
PeterAustralia, October, 2010
I have been a beta tester of Sentient Trader for over a year now. Sentient Trader is one of the best trading systems I have ever seen. David Hickson has made an awesome achievement in creating a system that can handle very complex cyclic theories and transform them into profitable trading recommendations.

I believe that traders without any knowledge of cyclic theory can trade profitably with Sentient Trader, if they are willing to learn some basics about cycles and do back testing to find out what works for them.

I know that for those traders who have a good knowledge of market cycles, they will find this powerful software extremely useful, time saving and profitable, and that it is a system they would not trade without."
Eva ArinenSweden, November 2010
David and his team has done a wonderful job with Sentient Trader. The beta program was done in a completely thorough manner. I am an index options trader and I found that Sentient Trader helped me immensely in my day-to-day trading. Thanks to David for his enthusiasm in creating an end product that is a 'must-have' software platform."
Rob KPark City, Utah, December 2010
Having attended several of Jim Hurst's original classes and availed myself of his course, I cannot express how much it means to me to finally locate Sentient Trader. What you have accomplished is beyond my comprehension. However, it is easy to use and I expect to accomplish great things with it. I was head of technical research and development for about 12 years at Conti Commodity Services and believe that I have an idea of the monumental job that you have accomplished. As you know, I have subscribed and frankly I cannot wait for the launch of your new platform."
Maury StraussMemphis, TN, October, 2010