Thank you for allowing me to be one of the beta testers of Sentient Trader. The software is rather easy to use. After watching the videos, I was able to work with the software rather fluently. And when you have worked with the software after a while, you realised that it packs even more punch.

I generally use Sentient Trader for a perspective of the overall trend. And it has helped me increase my winning percentage from 65% to nearly 80%. I really love this software."
HarveySingapore, October 2010
I have been intrigued with the Hurst Cyclitech Cycles course since the early 1970's. After doing much work by hand I realized that this needed to be computerized to be truly useful.  Imagine my surprise to find out that dream had been realized.

As a beta tester of the Sentient Trader software I can attest to the extraordinary value of the Hurst Cycle approach and this software in particular. I highly recommend the Sentient Trader and the organization that supports it."
Marc ChaikinCreator of the Chaikin Oscillator, USA, October 2010
For the Hurst Cycles Analyst, Sentient Trader is a "Must Have". It does all the initial leg work of getting me a Current Cyclical Analysis, yet leaves me the power to impose my own "Expert Model" on the data to have it conform to my refined analysis.

Sentient Trader's ability to generate an initial analysis saves me hours and hours of painstaking manual effort, and allows me to quickly look at alternate investments to determine if I want to spend the time refining the analysis. Overall a GREAT TOOL."
Blair CToronto, Canada, November 2010