Having been a keen student of the financial markets over the last decade, flavored by my finance professional background and my initial engineering studies, I have tried to "rationally" understand the different conceptual frameworks that attempt to predict market behaviour. Naturally I have sampled and used extensively various commercial software programs within the different disciplines that influence the markets. Cyclic theory is a key component that drives the forever changing tides of the markets.

Hurst Theory is presently still the force majeure in this field although its complexity has not allowed an easy practical application for the longest time. There is some commercial software in the market place that attempts "Hurst Cyclic Analysis (HCA)" with I believe differing degrees of success both in terms of results and its practical viability as a piece of software, that allows the end user to extract meaningful cyclic information and apply it to support timely trading decisions.

It has been both my great privilege and absolute surprise to come across Sentient Trader (ST) during its development stage. And the reason: quite simply because everything about ST oozes class and professionalism. "Launch to market" from the conceptual framework to delivering the finished software product is always a tremendously difficult endeavour fraught with continual problems having experienced this directly in my own career. Considering the complexity of HCA the folks at ST have managed this process incredibly smoothly and successfully.

Granted the application of HCA is not easy even with the use of such an impressive piece of kit as ST and the program will only appeal to committed market analysts but then so it should be as there never was or will be a "black box" solution that will permanently decipher the hidden code of the changing cycles affecting the markets. And if one were not satisfied with the prospect of performing serious HCA on daily data ST has pioneered the field and not only developed a new pattern recognition methodology inspired by Brian Millard's cyclic work termed "Sentient Trading" but it has also tackled intraday data to boot! A fascinating exploration awaits all cycles aficionados as we will attempt to apply these methodologies at the micro level. ST's track record thus far bodes well for the future in this modern era gold rush!"
MGGibraltar, October 2010
JM Hurst left an enduring legacy in the course and books which he wrote. I believe David Hickson has done an amazing job in translating the Hurst principles into a software program which faithfully reflects the tenets of those principles. And he has added a whole lot more to make this package a powerful set of tools.
That being said what David has also given us in his webinars - and for me it is even more value than the software itself - is an in-depth understanding of how those principles work and how to apply them real time in a very elegant way.

I would urge anyone contemplating using Sentient Trader to invest the time with the Hurst course and other publications, then immerse yourself in David's educational webinars to truly understand Hurst's theory in action. I believe that this gives added leverage to this very powerful software tool to help traders navigate the demanding world of trading."
ABMelbourne, Australia, October 2010
Thank you for allowing me to be one of the beta testers of Sentient Trader. The software is rather easy to use. After watching the videos, I was able to work with the software rather fluently. And when you have worked with the software after a while, you realised that it packs even more punch.

I generally use Sentient Trader for a perspective of the overall trend. And it has helped me increase my winning percentage from 65% to nearly 80%. I really love this software."
HarveySingapore, October 2010
I have been intrigued with the Hurst Cyclitech Cycles course since the early 1970's. After doing much work by hand I realized that this needed to be computerized to be truly useful.  Imagine my surprise to find out that dream had been realized.

As a beta tester of the Sentient Trader software I can attest to the extraordinary value of the Hurst Cycle approach and this software in particular. I highly recommend the Sentient Trader and the organization that supports it."
Marc ChaikinCreator of the Chaikin Oscillator, USA, October 2010
For the Hurst Cycles Analyst, Sentient Trader is a "Must Have". It does all the initial leg work of getting me a Current Cyclical Analysis, yet leaves me the power to impose my own "Expert Model" on the data to have it conform to my refined analysis.

Sentient Trader's ability to generate an initial analysis saves me hours and hours of painstaking manual effort, and allows me to quickly look at alternate investments to determine if I want to spend the time refining the analysis. Overall a GREAT TOOL."
Blair CToronto, Canada, November 2010