David Hickson lays it out in an easy to understand, thoughtful way. While Hurst is complicated, David keeps it simple. I've done the mentoring, the video training and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it as a tool in any trader's arsenal. THIS IS A MUST HAVE."
Tom RussoNew York, USA, February 2014
I have been using Sentient Trader for a year now and very impressed by the completeness of the approach proposed by David Hickson. You get the complete combo to venture in the markets with full confidence: 1- state of the art market analysis capability, 2- proven trading method and 3- protective money management technique. If you like trading and want to win at it, this is what you have always been looking for."
Robin BQuebec, Canada, January 2014
Sentient Trader has provided me with an edge in my trading analysis in terms of how I view length of cycles and their likely impact on markets. The sophistication of the software makes it very easy to use and the customer service is excellent.  It is also backed up by good training videos and excellent customer service."
AWMelbourne, Australia, January 2014
I enjoy very much the analytical attitude of the Hurst Trading Room videos, to let rationality surpass emotions in today's hectic markets."
homaaThe Netherlands, January 2014
Understanding that cycles exist is the beginning for comprehending how the market moves but the FLD Trading Strategy is the real powerful tool that will make all the whole difference."
Jonathan SantosRio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 2013