I just wanted to say thanks! Had lots of luck with Hurst Signals on EURUSD-- Just closed lottery (I decided to move 3 bar trailing down to 4 hr-- I know I went off plan but didn't like reversal looking 4 hour sticks and decided to tighten down) for 681 pips on D trade on demo! Time will tell but I have no regrets, lol. That is second massive gain on EURUSD. I was able to translate Hurst Signals oil trough trade to ETF shares for good gain. Still getting acclimated to Sentient... definitely have made some mistakes but have actually finally made money overall on several stock option trades by scanning watchlists of good fundamental stocks for 80 day trough FLD crosses, being sensible with emotions and limiting risk from onset... I have been trading for years (and spent countless amounts of time and money) and this is first time I have ever made money trading shorter term. Though it is hard work and no get-rich-quick, Hurst Signals and Sentient Trader have been more than paying for themselves and it is so much fun anyway! The time they save me makes all the difference! I still have a tonne of learning and reinforcement, but have never had greater hope for a better future! It would not be possible without your hard work, dedication and value offered. I feel so lucky to have found your work and thank you again!"
ChrisTexas, USA - March 2015
Again I want to tell that Sentient Trader plus David's Course are the best. I follow the s&p every day and is amazing how precise is the behavior of the market with the theory and the software."
Yoni SMexico, March 2015
David Hickson lays it out in an easy to understand, thoughtful way. While Hurst is complicated, David keeps it simple. I've done the mentoring, the video training and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it as a tool in any trader's arsenal. THIS IS A MUST HAVE."
Tom RussoNew York, USA, February 2014
I have been using Sentient Trader for a year now and very impressed by the completeness of the approach proposed by David Hickson. You get the complete combo to venture in the markets with full confidence: 1- state of the art market analysis capability, 2- proven trading method and 3- protective money management technique. If you like trading and want to win at it, this is what you have always been looking for."
Robin BQuebec, Canada, January 2014
Sentient Trader has provided me with an edge in my trading analysis in terms of how I view length of cycles and their likely impact on markets. The sophistication of the software makes it very easy to use and the customer service is excellent.  It is also backed up by good training videos and excellent customer service."
AWMelbourne, Australia, January 2014