I enjoy very much the analytical attitude of the Hurst Trading Room videos, to let rationality surpass emotions in today's hectic markets."
homaaThe Netherlands, January 2014
Understanding that cycles exist is the beginning for comprehending how the market moves but the FLD Trading Strategy is the real powerful tool that will make all the whole difference."
Jonathan SantosRio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 2013
I am impressed with Hurst Signals'  ability (the pre-FLD Trading Strategy version) to capture JM Hurst's original work. It is presented in a clear, concise fashion. I recommend it to anyone who trades cycles or would like to learn more about trading cycles."
Cory CVancouver, BC, Canada, September 2013
For the novice trader, the most valuable thing about the FLD Trading course is that it teaches you how much risk you can take (a lot less than you may think). Other trading courses emphasize the returns you can get (and they can be great with the FLD Trading course), but if you don't get the risk part right you'll lose your money before you learn how to get the returns this strategy can deliver."
SLDOntario, Canada, September 2013
Sentient Trader has removed the most ambiguity from my trading career over any thing that I've come across over 9 years of trading. David is a great mentor for those that are willing to try a strategy that builds upon what Hurst recommended in the Cycles Course. The blog and video updates are invaluable to the progress that I have made over the last year. I recommend this platform and hope to see the community evolve further."
Derek FWashington DC, USA, September 2013