Hurst Signals has done an incredible job with JM Hurst's methodology. They have developed a straightforward web based platform for investors and traders to benefit from JM Hurst's original work."
CORY CVancouver, BC, Canada, June 2013
Not only is the 20-Day FLD Trading Strategy great, the insights into Hurst Cycles and particularly phasing has helped with my other trading strategy as well. I believe if you are willing to put in the work then this strategy can and will be highly profitable."
MATTAdelaide, Australia, April 2013
This was an extremely comprehensive and practical course (FLD Trading Strategy). It leaves the participant as an informed and skilled person and if they trade they are well prepared and in control of their own decisions."
CLIVE BUDDENSouth Australia, April 2013
Fantastic course (FLD Trading Strategy), finally a logical easy to understand a way to trade the markets."
JLCairns, Australia, April 2013
I can only have praising words for the course on the FLD Strategy; at the Sentient Trader Trading Academy. This approach is sound and based in cyclical principles known to work. The course is beautifully presented in high resolution video and all points are covered. The support staff do their utmost to answer all questions and providing supporting material to further explain any area that might remain unclear. 'The Professor' of this class, not only seems to enjoy teaching, but has a vocation for presenting the material in a fully congruent manner. The course shows a great depth and preparation."
CVPShannon, Ireland, April 2013