Fantastic course (FLD Trading Strategy), finally a logical easy to understand a way to trade the markets."
JLCairns, Australia, April 2013
I can only have praising words for the course on the FLD Strategy; at the Sentient Trader Trading Academy. This approach is sound and based in cyclical principles known to work. The course is beautifully presented in high resolution video and all points are covered. The support staff do their utmost to answer all questions and providing supporting material to further explain any area that might remain unclear. 'The Professor' of this class, not only seems to enjoy teaching, but has a vocation for presenting the material in a fully congruent manner. The course shows a great depth and preparation."
CVPShannon, Ireland, April 2013
This is an impressive course superbly set up by David Hickson. There is no hype. It's down to earth, practical and the FLD Trading Strategy consistently works. The attention to detail, support and resources provided make it one of the best online training courses I've been on."
BETH HORNERJohannesburg, South Africa, April 2013
Thanks to David Hickson I now have a method of following and understanding price movement. I cannot speak too highly of the FLD Trading Strategy and in addition the time and effort David goes to to explain every single aspect. I have never before experienced such a course ."
JOHNSouth Australia, April 2013
When people talk about it is possible to time the market, most people think it is nonsense. This FLD Trading Strategy course clearly demonstrates it is achievable. I studied Hurst’s original book and it gave me a new way to look at the market. With Sentient Trader software, I was able to implement some of the concepts.

In this FLD Trading Strategy course, David Hickson taught how to use Hurst’s original theory, enhance it and use it in modern day. It has allowed me to have a much better understanding of the market and time entry and exit points. My current trading result is much better than before. But the most important learning is how to protect my capital better with a good risk management strategy.  This course has shown me some new concepts. It is all about the trend of the market and having a formula to align your risk with the market trend. With such scheme, I can trade more confidently.

Thank you David for all your hard work. It is good to learn from you and meet you through the online training facility. Also, thanks a lot for the Sentient Trader team. The team is helpful and has done an excellent job to support the students. If you are willing to explore a new idea and able to accept there is a possibility to time the market, then you will want to attend this course. You will also learn when to buy and sell an instrument and how to calculate your risk."
ENNSW, Australia, April 2013