The FLD Trading Strategy course is excellent and gives a complete understanding of how cycles of various lengths interact in the real world."
MILTONMelbourne, Australia, April 2013
Buying Sentient Trader without taking the FLD Trading Strategy course is like buying an airplane but not going to flight school. You can probably fly your plane, but there's also a really good chance that you'll crash and burn."
SD Kitchener, Canada, April 2013
FLD Trading Strategy is a must have, if you don't do this course then just quit trading."
RonCanada, April 2013
I look forward to David Hickson's thoughts on the markets every week. It helps keep me on track."
SDKitchener, Canada, March 2013
I have said before that The Hurst method is detailed but well explained on the Sentient Trader website. I can add that your updates provide a consistent method of viewing the markets."
DMHRichmond Hill, Canada, March 2013