I have been using Sentient Trader for about one year. It has brought a completely new focus to my trading analysis and gives me a feeling of being in control of my decision making rather than relying on the typical lagging indicators of mainstream technical analysis. Sentient Trader cyclical analysis provides me with the tools to think about how an instrument or market may unfold into the future rather than just following the price action of that market; this provides a much higher level of confidence about executing a successful trade."
AWVictoria, Australia, March 2013
Trading on your own can be a lonely business, especially when using methods that aren't widely accepted among traders, like JM Hurst's. The online trading community David Hickson has created helps me feel more a part of something, and gives me perspective on my trading decisions."
SLDKitchener, Canada, January 2013
I have been a Sentient Trader user for over a year and recently moved to Intraday data which was very easy to set up. I still use a lot of the online material to improve my trading. The videos are always well done. The weekly blog (Hurst Cycles Outlook) is a great tool for looking at David's view of the markets, particularly those I don't track."
BPNorth Carolina, USA, November 2012
I've followed virtually all of the Trader Chat webinars (superseded by Hurst Cycles Outlook)  from the beginning and they have filled in all of the gaps from the Hurst Cycles Course and Hurst's book "The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing". In fact they take it to the next level and gave me a complete and deep understanding of the Hurst's method. David, I can't thank you enough."
Chris SLas Vegas, Nevada, USA, November 2012
Trading is a decision making business and I am finding clarity here."
DJMBrisbane, Australia, November 2012