Sentient Trader – A Trading System to Profit from Hurst Cycles

Sentient Trader empowers you to trade the Hurst Cycles in any well-traded, liquid market. Trading with Sentient Trader you make better trading decisions and bigger profits from Hurst Cycles. Sentient Trader’s main features are :-

  • Cyclic Analysis and Prediction, showing you when Hurst Cycles are likely to occur in the future
  • Hurst’s Trading Tools (FLDs and VTLs), which give you early evidence that Troughs and Peaks are occurring in the market
  • Hurst Trading Methodology, giving you the precise timing for Trade Entries and Exits to maximize your profit from Hurst Cycles
  • Click To Trade makes trading Hurst Cycles “super-easy”
  • FLD Trading Strategy, which is a breakthrough development using multiple Hurst Cycles and FLD, combined with a complete trading plan, leading to more consistent and reliable trading results.

What Our Clients Say….

Sentient Trader is a powerful trading and analysis tool, one that thoughtful traders and investors can use to more effectively time trade entries and exits, particularly when used with other forms of technical and fundamental analysis.  San Juan – Puerto Rico


I am amazed how Sentient Trader has captured the essence of Hurst Cycles. Combined with the short training videos, prompt support from the team and the weekly dose of Hurst Cycles Outlook – Sentient Trader is destined to be an important part of many traders’ lives. David B – Grange, South Australia

End Of Day (EOD) or Intraday Version?

Using Sentient Trader software, you can trade any liquid, well-traded market, e.g. Stocks, Forex, Futures, Commodities, Options, ETFs, etc.

  • Sentient Trader – EOD – analyzes and predicts Hurst Market Cycles from 5 Days to 18 Years and uses an EOD data feed
  • EOD software – is usually bought by private traders, retail traders, swing traders and private investors who typically spend an hour or two per day watching set-ups and making trades
  • Sentient Trader – Intraday – analyzes and predicts Hurst Market Cycles from 7 Minutes to 18 Years and uses real-time data
  • Intraday software  – is usually bought by professional traders, institutional traders, technical analysts, hedge fund managers, day traders and private traders who take short-term, intraday trading positions or who want to fine-tune their longer-term trade entries and exits.

Analyst Edition or Trader Edition?

  • Analyst Edition – performs Cyclical Analysis, Predicts Market Cycles and gives you all of  Hurst’s Trading Tools to help make winning trading decisions. You are likely to choose the Analyst Edition, if your primary need is to identify where the next Peaks and Troughs will occur in the market and to use this information to make better trading decisions with your current trading system.
  • Trader Edition – has all the functionality of Analyst Edition, i.e. performs Cyclical Analysis, Predicts Market Cycles and gives you all of  Hurst’s Trading Tools to help make winning trading decisions
  • Plus…  Trader Edition – gives you Trading Signals based on Hurst’s original trading methodology and also the FLD Trading Methodology. If you need accurate and profitable Trade Entries and Trade Exits based on Hurst’s Principles, then Trader Edition is the right choice for you.

Please read on to learn about the difference between Analyst Edition and Trader Edition.

Try Sentient Trader Today….

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