10% OFF during Trial!

Buy your Sentient Trader software (any version, Node License or Software Rental) or your Hurst Cycles for MT4 indicators within 14 Days of purchasing your 30 Day Trial and you’ll automatically qualify for a 10% Discount Coupon*.

To claim your 10% Discount Token, Contact us here.

To qualify for your 10% Discount Token, you must:

  • buy your full license software within 14 Days of buying your 30 Day Trial software.
  • You must ask for your Discount Token before you buy your software. The 10% Discount Token cannot be applied retrospectively.

*  Sentient Trader: The 10% Discount offer applies to the Initial Purchase price of a Node license, but not the Annual Support Service, which is chargeable from the second year onwards and applies to the first Rental payment of the Software Rental option, but not to subsequent rental payments. Please see Order Now page for Sentient Trader pricing information.

*  Hurst Cycles for MT4: When purchasing a license for the Hurst Cycles for MT4 indicators the 10% Discount offer applies to the purchase price of a Once-Off license, and applies to the first monthly payment of the Monthly license or 6-month payment plan options, but not to subsequent payments. Please see the MT4 information page for Hurst Cycles for MT4 pricing information.