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The Sentient Trader – 30 Day EOD Trial gives you the opportunity to “road test” your software, before you buy it and includes:

  • “Working With Sentient Trader” training course, takes you step-by-step from getting started, to predicting the next turns in the markets and then on to trading for bigger profits using Hurst’s original Trading Methodology,
  • A 45-minute One-to-One session with a member of our team. We will answer all your questions and show you how to maximize your success with Sentient Trader.


  • Refer to the Online User Manual which comes with your Trial Software
  • Follow the Getting Started Roadmap in your Online User Manual
  • Use the Sentient Trader Support Service to ask any question you like.

Try All Of This – Everything you need to make better trading decisions – Starting Today

Your 30 Day EOD Trial software has all the main analysis and trading functionality of a full version of EOD software.  For example, you can :-

  • Use any data feed of your choice from these compatible Data Feeds
  • If you don’t have a supported data feed, use NinjaTrader and Kinetick data, which provides EOD data Free Of Charge
  • Analyze and trade any instruments of your choice, from any market, throughout your 30 Day Trial
  • Learn to use Hurst’s Cyclic Tools (FLDs and VTLs) to understand what is happening in the market
  • Pin Troughs to influence the standard cycles analysis
  • Build your own Custom Nominal Model
  • Generate Buy and Sell Turning Points
  • Set Alerts (on-screen, email, iPhone, Smart Phone, etc.) on Hurst Tool levels or your price levels.
  • Generate EOD Trading Signals
  • Use Click To Trade to make immediate trading decisions with just a Roll and Click of your mouse
  • Send orders to compatible online brokers (MetaTrader 4 to begin with, more to follow)
  • Set Alerts (on-screen, email, iPhone, Smart Phone, etc.) on all Click To Trade functionality.

After you upgrade to a full software license, you will also be able to use; Scanlists, Portfolio Manager, Commonality Database and Sentient Trading Methodology.

Please note, the 30 Day EOD Trial is limited to one installation, per computer, per customer.

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The 30 Day Trial costs only USD 29. Click to buy your 30 Day Trial now.

Buy a Full License within 14 Days of buying your 30 Day Trial Software and you Qualify for a 10% Discount.