Analyst Edition

Hurst Cycles Insight Means Better Trading Decisions

Sentient Trader – Analyst Edition – performs Cyclical Analysis, Predicts Market Cycles and gives you  Hurst’s Trading Tools (FLDs and VTLs) to help make winning trading decisions. If you need to identify where the next Peaks and Troughs will occur in the market and want to use this valuable insight as part of your overall trading decision making, the Analyst Edition is the software choice for you.

The Key Features of Analyst Edition are:

  • Performs Cyclical Analysis and Predicts Hurst Market Cycles as follows:-
    • EOD Version – Hurst Cycles ranging from 5 Days to 18 Years
    • Intraday Version – Hurst Cycles from 7 Minutes to 18 Years
  • Every Chart includes:-
    • Cycle Troughs identified using Hurst’s Notation; Diamonds, Semi-Circles and Circle-and-Whiskers
    • Cycles Synopsis giving you a detailed understanding of the upcoming Cyclical Action
    • Plots Hurst Cyclic Tools (FLDs, VTLs, etc.) for early evidence that Troughs and Peaks are forming in the market and to apply sound Hurst reasoning to your trading decisions
Hurst Notation on Chart

Hurst’s Notation; Diamond Stacks, Semi-Circles and Circle-and-Whiskers give you an immediate visual understanding of the Cycles Analysis and Cycles Predictions

Valuable market insight is displayed on each of your Charts as Buy and Sell Turning Points (red and green boxes) for the Hurst Cycle you are Trading.

Buy and Sell Turning Points

Chart showing Buy and Sell Turning Points (green and red boxes) for the Trading Cycle

  • Build your own Custom Nominal Model based on your own market observations
  • Trough Pinning allows you to drag and drop Troughs to where you think they should be placed (replaces Expert Model feature)
Trough Pinning

Trough Pinning allows you to place Troughs manually and influence the Cycles Analysis with your own Cycles Expertize.

  • Set Alerts for Hurst Cyclic Tools and to be displayed On Screen, Email, iPhone, Smart Phone, etc.
  • Scan a Watchlist to make it easier to work with a large number of instruments
  • Utilize the Sentient Trader Commonality Database to take advantage of the 100,000s of Cyclical Analyses performed by other Sentient Trader users.

Using the Analyst Edition, you probably already have an established and successful trading methodology in place, but you know it can be made even more profitable with knowledge and insight of upcoming Hurst Cycles in the markets that you trade.

These are Sentient Trader’s compatible data  feeds.

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