Trader Edition

Trading Hurst Cycles Made “Super-Easy”

Sentient Trader – Trader Edition – has all the functionality of Analyst Edition, i.e. performs Cyclical Analysis, Predicts Market Cycles and gives you all of  Hurst’s Trading Tools to help make winning trading decisions.

Plus…  Trader Edition – gives you Trading Signals based on Hurst’s original trading methodology and also the FLD Trading Methodology. If you need accurate and profitable Trade Entries and Trade Exits based on Hurst’s Principles, then Trader Edition is the right choice for you.

Plus… With the special Click To Trade plug-in that is supplied with the FLD Trading Strategy training course, you can generate FLD Strategy Trading Signals with just a click of your mouse.

Trader Edition is for winning traders who need instant and detailed Trading Signals to maximize their Profits from Hurst Cycles.

  • Generates Trading Signals
    • EOD Version – for Trading Cycles ranging from 20 Days to 18 Years
    • Intraday Version – for Trading Cycles ranging from 30 Minutes to 18 Years
  • Trading Opportunities Displayed on every Trading Chart showing
    • Current and Next Opportunity
    • Underlying Trend
    • Stop Loss and Target for Next Trade
20 Day Cycle Synopsis and Trade Opportunities

Taken from the top left of this Chart for Trading the 20 Day Cycle, you can read the Cycles Synopsis and Current and Next Trade Opportunities

  • Buy and Sell Orders based on Hurst’s Trading Principles
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders based on Hurst’s Trading Principles

Trade Orders based on Hurst's Trading Principles

Trade Orders displayed On Screen in a pop-up window

  • Click To Trade which give you:-
    • Displays visually on your Trading Chart all Trade Opportunities, i.e. potential Hurst Entry and Exit Levels
    • Roll and Click of mouse displays Hurst Reasoning for each Entry or Exit
    • Roll and Click of mouse displays Hurst Tools (FLDs and VTLs on screen)
    • Roll and Click of mouse will OK your Order Entry or Exit
    • Roll and Click of mouse sets Action Signal at either a Hurst Level or your preferred price level
    • One Click of mouse sends your Order to integrated Online Brokers (Intraday version only, initially MetaTrader 4 with more to come)

Click To Trade on 10 Day FLD

Choose your Hurst Reasoning (in this example, Price Crossing 10 Day FLD) and with one mouse click, your Trade will be sent to a pop-up window or your Online Broker

    •  Alert Levels are all configurable and can be displayed as On Screen Alert, Email, iPhone, Smart Phone, etc.
Click To Trade Alert

Configure your Alerts on a range trading parameters.

  • Manage and Diversify your trading opportunities with Portfolio Manager.

If you’re a winning trader and want to Maximize your Profits from Hurst’s Market Cycles with detailed Trading Signals, then Trader Edition is the software version for you.

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