FLD Trading Strategy Training Course

Your Financial Freedom Begins Here

This training course is for the FLD Trading Strategy. It’s where your personal Financial Freedom begins.

The FLD Trading Strategy is a trading plan based on Hurst’s Market Cycles and is a breakthrough development by David Hickson, creator of Sentient Trader. It is a mechanical trading system, with a little discretionary input. It will give you bigger and more consistent trading returns, compared to Hurst’s original trading method.

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What to Expect

This is absolutely a key concept in the understanding and application of the FLD trading strategy. Very well done David. Thanks!!! David W – Illinois, USA

Hello everyone. What appeals to me about this course is that it presents the same kind of winning strategy as baseball – don’t try to hit each pitch out of the park, just get on base. Stuart D – Ontario, Canada

The quality of the course is exceptional – a great investment not only on getting the best out of the software but also from implementing the Hurst technique into actual trading with a degree of confidence with excellent on going support. Raj J – UK

Hey guys… just want to congratulate you. I have been doing the Hurst Course and studying market cycles for just over 12 months and the quality of the information we are receiving is just amazing and could literally take 10 years off my market journey. So appreciative of what you are doing for us and the price in which you made this available. Matt D – South Australia

 Course Content

  • The FLD Trading Strategy training course is a six-month course which consists of a Foundation module and Six modules of training videos.
  • There are 80 training videos in total and they are on phased release giving you plenty of time to work on each one, without feeling under pressure to move on to the next one.
  • Stop and start the course as often as you. There’s no time pressure. Learn at your own speed and whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • The course starts at the beginning and takes you through everything you need to know, step-by-step, to master the FLD Trading Strategy.
  • The trading process is remarkably simple. The same sequence of Long / Short / Long / Short, trades play out time-after-time. They are labelled A through to H for convenience.
  • Follow David Hickson’s training videos and you will learn how to make the right decisions, trade-after-trade, to maximize your profit from Hurst Cycles.
  • Our frequent Hurst Cycles webinars are uploaded to the training portal in the Hurst Trading Room section, where you can view them at any time.
  • Study the archive of Trading Room Videos to learn about most of the permutations of FLD and price interaction you are likely to meet trading the FLD Trading Strategy.
  • Ask any question you like, using the Facebook-style Comments / Questions feature with ever video, and you’ll get an answer. Plus, benefit from all the other student’s questions as well. It’s community learning – but at your own pace.
  • The communal Comments / Questions / Answers means you get to benefit from everyone else’s questions too. Search through what’s there already and you’ll pick-up valuable information along the way.

Start Trading ASAP – The Best Way To Learn

  • We encourage you to start trading (with a demo account to begin with) as soon as possible. There is no better way to learn to trade the Strategy, than “doing it for real”.
  • You start out using a Trading Spreadsheet to help calculate your entries and exits, stop loss and position size. It’s the perfect way to learn the mechanics of how the Strategy works.
  • At Module 3, you get the special Click To Trade plug-in for Sentient Trader “Trader Edition” software. The plug-in is exclusively for students who attend the course.
  • The Click To Trade plug-in makes the trading process so much easier to do. Literally “point and click” your mouse to create your trade orders. With Sentient Trader EOD “Trader Edition” software, you should enter your trade orders manually. With Sentient Trader Intraday “Trader Edition” software, Sentient Trader will send the trade order to a MetaTrader 4 trading account.
  • If you’re using a MetaTrader 4 broker, with one click of your mouse (Intraday software only), the Click To Trade plug-in sends your trades automatically to your broker. More trading platforms to be added in the future.
  • You should have finished all the modules after two months, but you have access to the course for up to six months, giving you plenty of time to really master the FLD Trading Strategy.
  • For the last four months, you’ll be trading, re-watching the training videos and watching the archive of Trading Videos to build up your knowledge of the FLD Trading Strategy.

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