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Watch These Starter Videos – Learn Everything You Need To Know About Hurst Cycles

These three Starter Videos by David Hickson, creator of Sentient Trader, tell you everything you need to know about Hurst Cycles. Watch them and you will learn how Hurst Cycles move financial markets and how you can use this knowledge to profit from Hurst Cycles. Please come back and watch them as often as you like.

Video One – How Markets Are Moved By Hurst Cycles. Learn how it’s done.

In the 1960s and 70s, an American, JM Hurst, researched, developed and eventually taught his theory about how the Financial Markets move in Cycles. Today, Technical Analysts throughout the world refer to Hurst as the “father of cycles analysis”.

This video gives you an introduction to Hurst’s Market Cycles Principles. Watch this video and you will learn :-

  • Cycles affect the movement of all financial markets. Hurst never tried to explain what causes market cycles, but we all know the markets are cyclical
  • There are only five basic concepts behind Hurst’s Principles. These simple yet brilliant ideas lead to a remarkable insight of future price movements in the markets
  • By the end of this video, you will have a solid understanding of Hurst’s Market Cycles

You can use this knowledge to start making profitable trading decisions – today!


Video Two – Predicting Turns In Financial Markets Means Better Trading Decisions

In this video, David Hickson, creator of Sentient Trader, demonstrates :-

  • Hurst’s Market Cycle Principles explain how financial markets have behaved in the past (cyclic analysis) and predict how they will move in the future
  • Knowing where Troughs and Peaks will occur in the future, helps you time your trades more accurately and make better trading decisions
  • On the chart for the S&P500, you see Hurst’s Notation (Diamond Stacks, Semi-Circles and Circles & Whiskers)
  • Hurst’s Notation gives you an instant visual understanding of where future Troughs will occur in the market.

Knowing with confidence where turns will occur in the future gives you the insight and power to make better and more profitable trading decisions.


Video Three – Maximizing Trading Profits With Hurst’s Trading Methodology

In this next video about trading Hurst Cycles, David Hickson steps through a typical long trade in the S&P 500 and uses Hurst’s Trading Methodology to time his Trade Entry and Exit to maximize the profit from the 40 Day Cycle move. Learn about :-

  • How to use Hurst’s Trading Tools, i.e. :-
  • Valid Trend Line (VTL)
  • Future Line of Demarcation (FLD)
  • Hurst’s Trading Tools (VTLs and FLDs) help you time your Trade Entries and Exits for maximum profit from the cyclic move
  • Click To Trade makes it “super-easy” to Enter your trades – just “roll and click” your mouse
  • Use Click To Trade again to Exit when the Cyclic Evidence says it’s time to take your profit.

Hurst’s Trading Methodology has been used by traders “in the know” for over 40 years. Sentient Trader gives you the power to maximize your trading profits using Hurst’s Trading Methodology.


Bonus Videos – “Video Series” about FLD Trading Strategy

Thank you for watching our three Starter Videos about Hurst Cycles. By now you should have a solid understanding of how markets are moved by Hurst Cycles and how to trade using Hurst’s Trading Methodology.

As a special bonus, we’d like to share with you our Video Series about the FLD Trading Strategy.

Click for instant access to Video Series for the FLD Trading Strategy.


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