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Hurst Cycles & FLD Trading Strategy – For Everyone!

Hurst Signals is an online, web-based service that gives you buy/sell trading signals for popular markets (forex, index futures and commodities) and is based on the FLD Trading Strategy. The strategy is a modern-day development of JM Hurst’s Market Cycles Principles and was formalized into a trading plan by David Hickson, creator of Sentient Trader.

David has spent over 20 years trading forex, index futures and commodities using Hurst Cycles. His knowledge and expertise led to the commercial release of Sentient Trader in 2010. In 2012 the FLD Trading Strategy was launched, which is a further development of JM Hurst’s original Cyclic Theory.

The FLD Trading Strategy originally depended on our Sentient Trader software to use it effectively, but for many traders this was a problem. It meant having to buy, install, learn how to use and maintain the software and market data feed.

Over the years, lots of traders have told us they want an easy to use, web-based service that gives them Hurst Cycles Analysis and Hurst Cycles Trading Signals. That’s how the Hurst Signals Service came to be created.

Hurst Signals gives to traders:-

  • Hurst Cycles Analysis
  • Trading Signals based on FLD Trading Strategy
  • Covers major markets, e.g. forex, index futures and commodities
  • All instantly available online
  • No requirement for a market data feed.

Since we introduced it in October 2012, the feedback from traders who have attended our original FLD Trading Strategy training course has been fantastic. Now we want to give even more traders the opportunity to benefit from the FLD Trading Strategy. That’s why we’ve introduced Hurst Signals.

What Traders Like About Hurst Signals

Here’s a sample of what traders are saying they like about Hurst Signals in an in-service survey (we are always looking for ways to improve Hurst Signals):-

Great website, clear dashboard and EOD bars to trade…

The clear trade signals…

Concise and clear…

Buy/sell trigger points and overall view of where the markets stand in the bigger picture…

Quick and easy. No need to analyze these instruments by ourselves so save time…

I like the specific demarcations of the interactions.

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